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Plasma polishing – The future-oriented alternative to electro-polishing

plasotec GmbH
The innovative company for metal components surface finishing.

Electro-Polishing was yesterday and Plasma polishing is the future-oriented alternative!

Plasotec Ltd is a young, innovative company and was the first to engage with the industrialized use of electrolytic Plasma Polishing. Check out the benefits of this new and environmentally friendly technology that enables a new level of quality for surface finishing.

Plasma Polishing

Using electrolytic Plasma Polishing is a new and improved way to polish metallic surfaces as well as clean and deburr them. You can achieve a new level of precision in surface modelling as the unique procedure is particularly suitable for this purpose which cannot be achieved by conventional electro-polishing.
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Plasotec GmbH demonstrated its ingenuity as innovator and first user of the industrialized electrolytic Plasma Polishing method. Working with electrolytic plasma adds a variety of benefits compared to conventional electro-polishing methods.
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Electrolytic Plasma Polishing offers a number of unique benefits, which makes the method particularly useful for surface technology problem solving.
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Plasotec GmbH has many strong partners on whom it could rely on since its foundation. See for yourself the applicability of our method on the basis of practical examples.
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